12pm: Why is that gemstone so cheap?!

Have I got a bargain, or is there another reason?

It can be easy to look at coloured stones and think you have a bargain, because the price of the stone you have seen (or bought) is much lower than a stone you've seen elsewhere.

Don't get me wrong sometimes you do just get a great deal, but more often than not, there is a reason the stone is a lower price than others you've seen. In this talk, Kerry will run through the main reasons, from her vast experience (sometimes getting it wrong!), that a gem may seem cheaper when really it's not, and what to look out for when buying, and comparing prices of coloured stones.

About Kerry Gregory

Anyone who has met Kerry Gregory, knows she’s a one woman whirlwind, passionate, funny and motivating, and her presentations are always fast paced, practical and entertaining. Kerry has delivered presentations, to critical acclaim, to many organisations and associations in Europe and the US, including; The National Association of Jewellers, The Jewellery Valuers Association, The Scottish Gemworld International and The Hard Rock Mineral Show Denver.

A past long term tutor and head of ATC for Gem-A, she served on the board of Gem-A, and ran one of the UK Branches. Currently on the Board of Trustees for the Silversmiths and Jewellers Charity (UK), and a key contributor to the National Association of Jewellers Professional Trade Standards Committee, particularly focussing on Gemstones, Diamonds and Hallmarking practices.

Kerry started Gemmology Rocks, after a career of Retail Jewellery, Valuing, Pawnbroking and plenty of hands-on Gemmology. To deliver hands-on practical education to businesses, that gets to the root of frustrations, providing development, support, solutions and education to tackle the stuff that makes a difference every day in business, and makes everyone more money!

To deliver education of the highest standard, she has completed a Teaching Qualification specialising in teaching adults.