Misfit Diamonds

We are a diamond and sapphire wholesaler that focuses and unusual colours, shapes and cuts with the ultimate goal of working our way upstream in the diamond and gemstone supply chains so that we can help raise the standards of what ethical and transparent sourcing looks like within our industry.

We have a massive online catalogue of stones with high-res images and videos that is easy to navigate and work with for anyone in the industry.

The majority of diamonds in the supply chain today do not come with documented origin. The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS, established in 2003) was put into place to stem the flow of conflict diamonds into the supply chain, however, the KPCS still leaves many key questions (origin, labor practices, environmental standards) unanswered.

At Misfit we believe establishing documented origin is one of the first steps to creating transparency in the diamond industry. From there we can begin to explore the working conditions, labor practices, and environmental factors involved in the extraction of these precious stones from the earth.

Over the past two years since Misfit was founded we have been working on bringing products with documented origin to market. In 2021 we launched our collections of Canadian, Australian, and African origin diamonds. By sharing our processes with the industry and our followers we hope we can educate and inspire other businesses to follow suit. The more of us requesting origin documentation from our vendors, the more we can amplify the demand for this within our industry. 


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