A Day Out in Brighton! Part 2 - Brighton Festival!

Brighton Festival

Check out the full schedule of events here - some require booking in advance!

Here we have picked out our favourites - to see if you are coming down just for the day or the whole weekend!

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100 Miles of String Leap Then Look

Sat 4 - Mon 27 May 2024

Royal Pavilion Gardens (North Lawn)


An interactive artwork and outdoor installation which will change and grow over the course of Brighton Festival. 100 miles of string will be handed out to audiences who can weave, wind and criss-cross the installation, creating complex patterns and dense webs, transforming the space into an exciting, playful environment.

An Elevated Platform

Flexer & Sandiland
Sat 4 - Sun 26 May


Dysfunctional karaoke for the body Enter to the sound of a cheering crowd. Take to the stage and elevate your status as you ‘perform’ to your adoring ‘fans’ who praise and celebrate your every movement – the more energetic, the wilder the approval.



Sat 4 - Sun 26 May
Earthship Brighton
From £25

Each ingredient has a story to tell. Gather, eat and listen. Brighton Festival Commission
World Premiere Set against the UK’s first Earthship, this unique supper club experience is led by the voices of Indigenous and traditional knowledge holders.

Photo by Paul Blakemore. Trigger Stuff.

'Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove' Simon Dack

National Treasures: Rembrandt in Brighton

Rembrandt Van Rjin
Fri 10 May - Mon 5 Aug
Ticket prices on Brighton & Hove Museums Website

Rembrandt Van Rjin Fri 10 May - Mon 5 Aug 2024 As part of the National Gallery National Treasures tour, Brighton & Hove Museums are delighted to be hosting a painting by Rembrandt; Self Portrait at the Age of 34, 1640. On 10 May 2024 the National Gallery will be 200 years old.  As part of the celebrations 12 simultaneous exhibitions are opening that day – at 12 museums and galleries across the UK. Rembrandt Van Rjin (1606–1669), was a Dutch, Golden Age painter, printmaker and draughtsman.

Island Storm

Bureau of Silly Ideas
Sat 25 - Sun 26 May
Queensway Crawley


May 2024 Coastal erosion caused the catastrophic loss of a family-run amusement arcade. The survivors are now touring and scratching out a living with what they managed to salvage. A fun and action-packed seaside arcade, live on your doorstep.

Don’t fancy coming to our Drinks Evening? Then maybe check out:

Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove

Evening at the Booth Museum of Natural History.

Jazmine Miles-Long
Thu 23 May
Booth Museum of Natural History

Join Jazmine Miles-Long as she talks about the first diorama at the museum in almost 100 years. Jazmine will tackle these questions: how has the art of taxidermy changed? How has Brighton changed? How has the local and global ecology changed since Edward Booth opened the museum in 1874?

Staying for the Weekend?

Festival of Ideas: Close-up

Vincent Gambini

Fri 24 May
Mac's Cafe

From £8

Close-up is a brief magic performance on headphones, for one spectator at a time. Inside a working café, surrounded by unsuspecting customers, magician Vincent Gambini invites you to sit at a table and watch a 10-minute performance.

Carnesky’s Showwomxn Sideshow Spectacular

Marisa Carnesky
Sat 25 - Sun 26 May
Elder Place Corridor

From £15

Olivier award-winning performance maker Marisa Carnesky reimagines British seaside variety entertainment through a diverse queer feminist lens. 
This ground-breaking, breath-taking, death-defying large scale new outdoor show brings together the largest single gathering of highly-skilled, diverse women performers for the first time in a British seaside town. This woman-led company is channelling the ghosts of women from Brighton’s unique entertainment heritage to uncover lost stories and find new voices.

Ancient Giants

Sat 25 - Sun 26 May
Memorial Gardens


Gods and Demons from ancient stories come to life in this family friendly street theatre show that is an exciting fusion of puppetry, martial arts, dance and storytelling. Shanti, a young girl who is fascinated with stories told by her parents and grandparents, imagines a battle between Hanuman and Ravana; a complex struggle between good and evil. The encounter is brought to life by two 12ft puppets as they interact with audiences and make their way to a dramatic final confrontation.



Mind the Gap

Sat 25 - Sun 26 May
Queens Square


A beautiful show featuring three professional actors with learning disabilities, blending intricate choreography, original music, and captivating object manipulation to tell a powerful story about climate change. Homie, the main character, travels in a mesmerising upcycled mobile home. They are determined to make a difference in the face of the daunting climate crisis.