3pm: Digital Gems for Jewellers

Look professional online

Emma reveals her top tricks to getting your jewellery and company looking professional online. From photography settings, Photoshop hacks, Illustrator gems, Excel formulas and a quick InDesign 101.

With over a decade of experience in the jewellery industry, and most of that sat behind a computer, Emma shares her tips on getting your brand looking it's best online. From quick Photoshop edits to make your jewellery look stunning to shortcuts to make a professional, illustrated price list. Emma will run through the top 10 easy hacks to make your digital life easier.

About Emma Perry

Emma launched Emerald Studio in 2023 to showcase one-of-a-kind fine jewellery pieces and celebrate maximalist luxury. While also offering creative services to the jewellery industry. Emma's current clients include: Forge, Elise Friedman, Nineteen48, Mr Sherwood and Sanni Falkenberg.